tag:www.montaukchamber.com,2005:/feeds Montauk Chamber of Commerce 2017-03-06T15:21:56Z tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0078 2017-03-06T15:21:56Z 2017-03-06T15:21:56Z Montauk's Economy Benefits From Tourism, Chamber of Commerce Poll shows Montauk's Economy Benefits From tourism, Chamber of commerce Poll shows tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0075 2017-01-25T16:14:59Z 2017-01-25T16:14:59Z Montauk Seeks Leave No Footprint Visitor Montauk Seeks Leave No Footprint visitor tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0076 2017-01-25T16:19:33Z 2017-01-25T16:19:33Z Montauk Seeks Leave No Footprint Visitor at Travel show tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0073 2016-11-23T18:05:40Z 2016-11-23T18:05:40Z Holidays 2016 Thanksgiving and Holiday Events in Montauk 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0068 2016-09-20T20:38:16Z 2016-09-20T20:38:16Z Montauk Chamber Call for Volunteers for Fall Family Festival, Oct. 8-9 Montauk calls for volunteers for Fall Family Festival, Oct 8-9, 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0067 2016-09-08T18:54:40Z 2016-09-08T18:54:40Z Montauk Fall Family Festival, Oct 8-9,2016 Montauk Fall Family Festiva., Oct. 8-9, 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0066 2016-08-19T13:47:16Z 2016-08-19T13:47:16Z This is Montauk Outdoors premeiring today August 8,2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0063 2016-07-04T15:22:07Z 2016-07-04T15:22:07Z Montauk Businesses Join Together for a Great Night of Food and Drinks A Taste of Montauk 4th Annual tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0056 2016-06-22T19:07:47Z 2016-06-22T19:07:47Z Montauk’s Music Scene Rocks With Free Outdoor Concerts on the Green and Gosman’s, 2016 Another summer of free concerts on the Montauk Village Green and at Gosman’s Dockside Stage in the Harbor, sponsored by Montauk Chamber of Commerce, starts June 27 through August 28, 2016. Concerts are Monday nights on the Green at 6:30 pm (Wednesday, July 6 is an Open Mic) and Sunday nights at Gosman’s Dockside at 6 pm Concert-goers should bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating and coolers and picnics to these family-friendly performances. The downtown and Harbor area restaurants are ready for early dinner or call-ahead take-out supper to enjoy on the lawn. Local businesses also sponsor the concerts. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0057 2016-06-22T19:11:39Z 2016-06-22T19:11:39Z July 4th Montauk Fireworks Cruise Fund-Raiser View the spectacular 4th of July Grucci Fireworks held off Umbrella Beach in Montauk from the water aboard the Viking Starship on July 4, sponsored by Montauk Chamber of Commerce tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0062 2016-06-28T18:36:22Z 2016-06-28T18:36:22Z July 4th Montauk Fireworks Dinner Cruise Fund Raiser July 4th Montauk Fireworks Dinner Cruise Fund Raiser tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0061 2016-06-28T18:33:36Z 2016-06-28T18:33:36Z Montauk's Music Scene Rocks With Free Outdoor Concerts Montauk Free Outdoor Concerts Summer 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0058 2016-06-28T18:24:09Z 2016-06-28T18:24:09Z Montauk Farmers Market is Back Montauk Farmers Market 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0054 2016-05-31T23:29:17Z 2016-05-31T23:29:17Z Montauk Travel Season Off to a Serene Start Montauk travel season off to a serene start tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0055 2016-05-31T23:37:46Z 2016-05-31T23:37:46Z Montauk Travel Season Off to a Serene Start Montauk travel season off to a serene start. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0053 2016-04-18T19:00:28Z 2016-04-18T19:00:28Z Montauk Concert for the Concerts 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0052 2016-04-08T17:37:41Z 2016-04-08T17:37:41Z Musicians Donate to Montauk Concert for the Concerts The 3 B’s, Gene Casey and Joe Delia & the Thieves donate their talents to the 8th Montauk Concert for the Concerts fundraiser for Montauk’s outdoor summer concert series, Sunday, May 1, 3 pm to 7 pm, at Zum Schneider in Montauk. The Series takes place on the Village Green, starting June 27, and Gosman’s Dockside Stage on Sundays in July and August, sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. A donation of $10 per person can be paid at the door and kids accompanied by an adult are admitted for free. A 50/50 Raffle and a free kids raffle drawings are also featured. All proceeds benefit the Summer Concert Series. Zum Schneider features specials and its regular menu and drinks during the event. Summer Concerts are held Monday evenings on the Village Green at 6:30 pm throughout July, 6 pm in August and on Sundays, in July and August, at Gosman's Dockside Stage all at 6 pm. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0050 2016-03-24T18:51:55Z 2016-03-24T18:51:55Z Eggstravaganza Hatches In Montauk March 26, 2016 Eggstravaganza Hatches In Montauk March 26, 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0048 2016-03-24T18:36:05Z 2016-03-24T18:36:05Z Capt. Paul Forsberg Named 54th Grand Marshal of Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick's Day Parade, Sun., March 20, 2016 Capt. Paul Forsberg Named 54th Grand Marshal of Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick's Day Parade, Sun., March 20, 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0044 2016-03-13T18:24:36Z 2016-03-13T18:24:36Z Eggstravaganza Hatches in Montauk March 26, 2016 Eggstravaganza Easter Hunt Event Hatches in Montauk, March 26, 2016 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0045 2016-03-13T18:37:01Z 2016-03-13T18:37:01Z 2015 Food Pantry Donation by Montauk chamber Montauk Chamber Donates to Montauk Food Pantry tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0051 2016-03-24T19:00:33Z 2016-03-24T19:00:33Z Food Pantry Donation from Montauk Farmers' Market Food Pantry Donation from Montauk Farmers' Market tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0041 2016-01-13T20:44:10Z 2016-01-13T20:44:10Z Montauk Chamber at NY Times Travel Show tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0040 2015-11-17T22:39:12Z 2015-11-17T22:39:12Z Montauk End Of Season Gala 2015 Montauk Chamber Honors Paul Monte at End of Season Gala tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0039 2015-11-16T18:40:12Z 2015-11-16T18:40:12Z Montauk Thanksgiving And November Events 2015 Events for November tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0037 2015-09-16T18:28:32Z 2015-09-16T18:28:32Z 2015 Montauk Fall Festival The Montauk Fall Festival Returns tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0036 2015-09-09T12:13:30Z 2015-09-09T12:13:30Z Volunteers Needed Volunteers needed for annual Montauk Fall Festival tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0035 2015-08-13T23:06:44Z 2015-08-13T23:06:44Z Montauk Summer Fishing Montauk Is The Place For Fishing tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0033 2015-08-13T13:26:00Z 2015-08-13T13:26:00Z This Is Montauk video New video, This Is Montauk, released. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0032 2015-07-06T23:36:15Z 2015-07-06T23:36:15Z A Taste of Montauk 2015 A Taste of Montauk 2015 tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0028 2015-06-24T19:27:05Z 2015-06-24T19:27:05Z Concert Series 2015 Montauk Concert Series at Gosman's Dockside and Village Green tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0029 2015-06-24T19:30:01Z 2015-06-24T19:30:01Z 2015 Montauk Fireworks Grucci Fireworks on July 4 at Umbrella Beach tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0030 2015-06-24T19:32:02Z 2015-06-24T19:32:02Z 2015 Montauk Farmers Market Montauk Farmers Market on the Village Green tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0031 2015-06-24T19:40:08Z 2015-06-24T19:40:08Z RetroMontauk Retro Montauk tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0027 2015-04-22T17:36:34Z 2015-04-22T17:36:34Z April 22, 2015 - Fundraising for the Fireworks Press Release Fireworks at July 4th community celebrations are as American as apple pie. But with rising production, insurance and municipality costs, non-profit organizations with limited resources such as the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, whose fireworks event is an Independence Day tradition for locals and visitors alike, Internet crowd sourcing sites are a solution for fundraising. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0026 2015-04-14T16:39:45Z 2015-04-14T16:39:45Z Springtime in Montauk Press Release - April 14, 2015 Spring Arrives in Montauk: Here’s What’s Happening April–June 20: Rare Birds, Fluke, Tee Time, Horseback Riding and Celebrating with Locals at Special Events! tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0025 2015-04-07T14:42:51Z 2015-04-07T14:42:51Z 7th Annual Concert for the Concerts - April 6, 2015 A bumper crop of outdoor summer concerts on Montauk’s Green and Gosman’s Dockside Stage are planned this season, and local musicians are ready to bring the tunes on now! To help fund the series the Montauk Chamber of Commerce holds its 7th Annual Concert for the Concerts on Sunday, April 26 from 3pm to 7pm at Swallow East restaurant, located at 474 West Lake Drive in Montauk’s Harbor area. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0024 2015-04-01T17:59:32Z 2015-04-01T17:59:32Z Montauk family Vacations Press Release - March 25, 2015 Montauk is the perfect place for family vacations with top 15 things for kids to do and see. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0023 2015-04-01T17:58:16Z 2015-04-01T17:58:16Z Eggstravaganza Press Release - March 13, 2015 Montauk Chamber of Commerce hosts the First Annual "Eggstravaganza" on Saturday April 4th, 2015. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0022 2015-04-01T17:56:38Z 2015-04-01T17:56:38Z St Patricks Parade Press Release - March 3, 2015 Terry Watson is named this year's Grand Marshal. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0021 2015-01-22T20:00:22Z 2015-01-22T20:00:22Z Ask The Montauk Experts at the NY Times Travel Show Learn the secrets to East End Destinations (Montauk, the Hamptons, North Fork) at the NY Times Travel Show, Jan 23-25, booth # 959. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0019 2014-11-10T22:11:08Z 2014-11-10T22:11:08Z Vincent Grimes honored as Person of the Year at Montauk Chamber's End of Season Gala Vinnie Grimes, a well-known citizen of the Montauk community, is the honoree of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce’s annual "End of Season Gala" on November 15, at 6:30 pm, at East by Northeast. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0020 2014-11-10T22:12:30Z 2014-11-10T22:12:30Z November 10th, 2014 - Thanksgiving Weekend in Montauk Thanksgiving weekend in Montauk offers a variety of events, all family friendly! tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0018 2014-09-16T21:58:04Z 2014-09-16T21:58:04Z Montauk's 33rd Annual Fall Festival Press Release - Sept 16th, 2014 Celebrate the arrival of fall and crisp October weather at Montauk’s 33rd Annual Fall Festival is sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. The family-oriented community event takes place on Columbus Day Weekend, Oct 11th and 12th on the Green in the center of downtown Montauk. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0017 2014-08-20T22:23:49Z 2014-08-20T22:23:49Z Kids Catch Fish this Summer - August 20, 2014 Montauk’s “Take a Kid Fishing” outings all summer were a great success once again. The kids caught a lot of fish and learned basic techniques. The boats who participated this year were The Viking Fleet, Ebb Tide and Breakwater Charter. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0016 2014-07-08T17:15:20Z 2014-07-08T17:15:20Z Take A Kid Fishing in Montauk - July 8, 2014 Montauk’s “Take a Kid Fishing” program, now in its third season, teaches angling techniques and encourages fun, announced the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. The Free program is intended to generate more interest in fishing for kids ages 6-16. These learning expeditions take place on various dates in July and August. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0014 2014-07-07T18:50:56Z 2014-07-07T18:50:56Z Take A Kid Sailing Press Release - July 2, 2014 A program to introduce sailing to kids initiated this summer by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce promises to generate interest in sailing for kids aged 6-16 or 10-16. Montauk’s Charter boat Captains and Mates are eager to take kids out on the water to teach them the fundamentals of sailing. The Mon Tiki takes out the 6-16 year olds and Sail Montauk, the 10-16 year olds. These learning expeditions take place on various dates in July and August. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0015 2014-07-07T18:52:30Z 2014-07-07T18:52:30Z A Taste of Montauk Press Release - July 3, 2014 Foodies and wine lovers may experience signature dishes and Chef’s specialties from a variety of Montauk’s notable restaurants at “A Taste of Montauk,” the second annual food event presented by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce on Sunday, July 20, 6-9 pm, at the Montauk Downs/360° East Restaurant. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0013 2014-07-01T23:31:07Z 2014-07-01T23:31:07Z Montauk's Farmers Market 2014 Press Release - July 1, 2014 Montauk's Farmers Market offers finest local produce and gourmet goodies! tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0012 2014-06-18T18:33:31Z 2014-06-18T18:33:31Z June 18, 2014 - Stars Over Montauk - Fireworks Display by Grucci on Friday, July 4 The Montauk Chamber of Commerce will hold its Annual Stars over Montauk fireworks display by Grucci which will take place on Friday July 4th at 9:00pm at Umbrella Beach. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0011 2014-06-12T18:38:49Z 2014-06-12T18:38:49Z Montauk Set to Rock this Summer at Free Outdoor Concerts - June 12, 2014 Another summer of free concerts on the Village Green and at Gosman’s Dockside Stage in the Harbor will be sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0010 2014-05-22T19:52:57Z 2014-05-22T19:52:57Z Old Timers Dinner Press Release - May 22, 2014 The Nessel Brothers, Jacob and Richie, are the honorees at the Annual Montauk Harbor’s Old Timer’s Dinner, announced by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, on Thursday June 5, 2014. The dinner takes place at the Clam and Chowder House at Salivar’s at 5 to 8pm. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0009 2014-05-07T16:05:42Z 2014-05-07T16:05:42Z May 7th, 2014 - Fantastic Fluke Fishing Forecasted in Montauk this Season Fantastic fluke fishing is forecasted in Montauk this season. Relaxed regulations initiated by NYS DEC for the 2014 season; Summer Flounder (Fluke) - 18" - per person - May 17-21. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0008 2014-04-11T16:37:12Z 2014-04-11T16:37:12Z Montauk Music Festival - May 15-18, 2014 Montauk's Music Festival is May 15-18, 2014, with over 100 bands performing at venues all around Montauk. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0005 2014-04-02T21:08:03Z 2014-04-02T21:08:03Z Paul Monte named Grand Marshal for 2014 St Patrick's Day Parade Paul Monte, President of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce, has been named Grand Marshal for the Montauk Friends Of Erin 52nd Annual St Patrick's Day Parade, Sunday March 23. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0007 2014-04-02T21:14:04Z 2014-04-02T21:14:04Z The Montauk Experts at two Northeast Travel Shows Travelers can learn the secrets to destination Montauk directly from local experts at the Boston Globe Travel Show and the NY Times Travel show this year. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0003 2014-04-02T20:50:31Z 2014-04-02T20:50:31Z Springtime In Montauk Springtime in Montauk - get outdoors and see nature unfold! tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0002 2014-04-02T16:07:04Z 2014-04-02T16:07:04Z Concert for the Concerts 4-27-2014 Montauk's 6th annual Concert for The Concerts, Sunday April 27th, 2014 at Zum Schnedier Restaurant, 3-7PM. Featuring the Blue Collar Band, Sound Source and Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks. tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0004 2014-04-02T21:04:18Z 2014-04-02T21:04:18Z Save These Dates - Events in Montauk 2014 Mark your calendars for great events coming up in Montauk this season, sponsored by the Montauk Chamber of Commerce tag:www.montaukchamber.com,press_releases/0006 2014-04-02T21:11:20Z 2014-04-02T21:11:20Z Celebrating Weddings with Style in Montauk Montauk is a perfect location for a destination wedding!