Join The Montauk Chamber

Benefits of Chamber Membership

  1. Listing your business on our Website (you may link to your website)
  2. Listing on the electronic Kiosk on the side of our Chamber building
  3. Prominently displays your business brochures/cards in the Chamber office
  4. Recommends only Chamber Member businesses to callers
  5. The Chamber offers (through a member company) Health Insurance
  6. Listing of your business on the Chamber Membership Board Listing
  7. The Montauk Chamber is centrally located in a highly trafficked area and is open Monday – Friday 10 – 5 all year long (Sat and Sun hours vary depending on the time of year)
  8. All members are listed in our annual brochure which of 40,000 copies are printed and available prior to February each year
  9. Fulfill all requests via the Chamber website and phone calls for the Chamber brochures
  10. Only Montauk Chamber Members can advertise in the Chamber Brochure
  11. The Montauk Chamber remains active as a Member of the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau and two Board Directors hold seats on that Board.
  12. The Montauk Chamber is a member of the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association and our President is a member of that Board
  13. Promote Montauk with a fully staffed booth at various trade, travel, and boat shows
  14. The Montauk Chamber utilizes its advertising dollars to promote all that Montauk has to offer in print, internet, radio, and TV
  15. Maintain a close watch over local town, county, state, federal decisions that affect our business and hamlet. Take appropriate steps to ensure our voice is heard.

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